Being the Change


When you’re living on the streets or in a shelter, making an appointment at a doctor’s office is pretty difficult. You don’t have a phone or a place to get messages. Furthermore, your focus is on just getting through the day. And every day is a challenge. There can be violence, hunger or harmful involvement with substances or activities. Symptoms of disease and injury can escalate, leaving you with no alternative but to rely on the emergency room.

Mosh, the mobile outreach street health program, is one way we are being the change. Instead of waiting for people to come to us, we are going to them. This health care office on wheels delivers care to the most vulnerable, underserved people in our communities, meeting them where they are, recognizing and respecting their needs, and providing the care they are entitled to. Hundreds of people with ailments as diverse as cancer, epilepsy, pneumonia and brain injuries have already been seen by the mosh team at shelters, soup kitchens, rooming houses and street outreach.

– Patti Melanson, Team Leader, MOSH

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