Adsum House

2421 Brunswick Street

Gender: Women, transgendered
Age: 16+
Intake: Yes – no ID required
Pay-per-night: Yes – must eligible for income assistance*
Sleeping arrangements: Shared rooms
Number of beds: 16
Accessible: No – must be able to climb stairs
Drop-in: No
Daytime access: Yes – for residents; at times visitors can access services**
Children welcome: Yes – girls of any age and boys who are under 13 years old
Pets welcome: No
Showers: Yes – toiletries and towels available
Meals: Yes – Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner daily for residents
Food bank: No
Laundry: Yes – free to guests
Clothing bank: Yes*** – donations accepted 24/7 at main address
Medication storage: No*
Preferred pharmacy: Forest Hills delivers – call- in prescriptions: 902.889.2733
Drug and alcohol use: Behaviour-based philosophy****
Trustee program: No – but can help residents access trustee services
Main Phone: 902.423.5049
Intake line: 902.420.3282
Fax number: 902.423.9336
24/7 Crisis Line: 902.423.4443/902.429.4443
Social worker coordinator: 902.429.5129
Social worker: 902.425.3177 please contact with guest permission to discuss
MOSH hours: Tu – 5:00-6:45pm/Th – 9:00-11:00am
* There are some exceptions to this, please call Adsum House and ask. ** Women who are not staying with Adsum are welcome on a limited basis and depending on the atmosphere in the house (please call ahead). Two mornings a week the house is closed to everyone – residents included. Individuals can only stay in bed with a medical note. *** Clothing room is open most M-F – 1-3pm for women in the community. Call for details. **** No using on site. However, guests are welcome while under the influence as long as they can manage their behaviour and be respectful of staff and others in the space. Sharps disposal available upon request.

AKA “Adsum” or “the Women’s Shelter on Brunswick”

Adsum for Women and Children’s mission is to support women and children and female youth who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in a client-centered, non-judgmental way; to provide services and housing – from crisis to stability – through short and longer term housing, programs and resources that offer safety and an opportunity for growth; and to advocate for women and children and to work to eliminate poverty and the societal conditions that create homelessness. Adsum House provides safe shelter, housing, services and support to female youth and adults age 16 and older.


To find out more about Adsum House’s programs and services or to find out if this is the right place for someone you are working with call Adsum House staff – they can fax or email or read the admission criteria to you over the phone. Contact Adsum House at 902.423.4443 or 902.429.4443 or


Please call for more information about the availability and schedule of onsite resources.

Community Outreach: Women from the community can visit Adsum House for up to two meals a week and to use our computers and phone. Visitors must call ahead if wanting to stay for a meal.
Income Assistance Worker: Provides support to people in accessing income assistance.

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