Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a VI-SPDAT?

The VI-SPDAT is a key component of the referral. MOSH Housing First uses the VI-SPDAT to determine initial eligibility and prioritize referrals. The VI-SPDAT takes about 10 minutes, consists of 15 yes/no questions, and can be completed by anyone (no training required). The VI-SPDAR must be included when the referral is submitted and can be accessed through the link provided below:

What is the final assessment?

If the individual meets eligibility criteria, MOSH Housing First will schedule an appointment to complete the final assessment – a full SPDAT. This takes about an hour, can be completed over multiple meetings, and takes place in the venue of their choice. The individual can be accompanied by a support person. The SPDAT score determines final eligibility for MOSH Housing First.

How does MOSH Housing First prioritize intakes?

MOSH Housing First prioritizes intakes based on the individual’s situation. We are not a “first come, first served” service and we do not maintain a typical waitlist. Therefore, an individual may be eligible but have to wait to be accepted and offered an intake meeting. Decisions are made by the team at our weekly Wednesday meeting.

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